Our commitment to quality and precision in the machining of parts is the cornerstone of our work philosophy. The machining we produce for sectors such as aeronautics or renewable energies, among others, requires the total guarantee of precision and quality in every part we manufacture.

The evolution of our technical office has played a key role in our endeavour to improve the quality of the precision machining service we offer. An important investment in innovation and development has enabled us to increase the added value of our precision machining service. The firm undertaking to work with powerful and versatile CAD-CAM computer-aided design and manufacturing software has been fundamental.

Having a team of professionals with extensive experience in our technical office is a secure value in being able to offer an impeccable service. The knowledge and experience of our professionals is fundamental for transferring their CAD-CAM work to the machines, and from these to our 3D measuring equipment.

The professionals at our technical office are specialists in design and machining with Siemens Solid Edge CAD and NX CAM, tools with which we confidently tackle all kinds of projects involving the precision machining of any size of parts and their own tooling. From the smallest to the largest parts.

At Mecanizados Osa we always work with the specifications and the part in 3D, studying the different possible machining strategies in each case with a view to defining the numerical control programme best suited to each customer’s needs. The objective of our technical office is always to achieve the result required by our customers with the highest quality and precision.

We have a qualified team who put their extensive experience in precision machining at the service of our technical office for the best results every time.